Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jacques Gets Some Glory... Finally

A big congratulations goes out to the Montreal Canadiens and their bevy of ex-Senators, including assistant coaches Perry Pearn, Pierre Groulx, GM Pierre Gauthier, Strength coach Lorne Goldenberg, Director of Player Development Trevor Timmins and, of course, Head coach Jacques Martin.

If any coach in the NHL was due for some playoff success, it's got to be Jacques.

I sit here completely astonished that the Habs were able to beat both the Caps and the defending champs Pens in two seven game series.

Simply unbelievable.

Jaroslave Halak is literally turning into this decade's version of Dominik Hasek, a Euro goalie who comes basically out of nowhere to lift an average but spirited team into the big time.

And what if Boston wins their series?

A Habs/Bruins conference final? Are you kidding me?

It will be epic.

The only downfall I can see is that, win or lose, the Habs fans will be insufferable next year in whatever building they take over.


Not a lot of posting happening at Black Aces lately, and that's on purpose. I need a break and some time to enjoy other things in life. Whenever something big happens in Senators land, we'll be back.

Until then... enjoy the playoffs. I certainly am.