Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Ottawa’s Favourite Shi(f)t Disturber Looks To Skip Sophomore Jinx

Read the latest Black Aces column over at Faces Magazine:

"For a few surreal years before Brady Tkachuk arrived in Ottawa, the most entertaining spectacle in town was watching the 2.1-billion-dollar LRT collapse into various sinkholes and the politicians desperately trying to tell everyone that it was all going to be okay … someday.

In fact, that’s the same message the Ottawa Senators were trying to relay to fans as their own team fell into a sinkhole so deep that you couldn’t even see the bottom.

That was the exact moment the mouthguard-chewing, eye-rolling, smirking 18-year-old super-brat Tkachuk arrived in town.

Entertainment quickly followed....."

See the full column at Faces Magazine.