Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Real Deal To Be Unveiled Today

While it's no big secret, this is probably the best picture so far which shows what the Senators jersey's will look like when they unveil them this afternoon against the NY Rangers (photo from Icethetics).

I'll reserve my thoughts until I see them in action.


Anonymous said...

Here is a good idea, lets not put the players actual names on the back of the jerseys. Lets put their abbreviations and nicknames to match the front!(Alfie, Heater, Spezz Disenser, Vermie, Kells, Big Rig, A-Train, Darth Gerber,etc.)God damn I get pissed off at this organization sometimes!

Ryan at Hy's.

Anonymous said...

So, it looks like the same brain trusts are working for Tampa as well. 'Bolts' down the front of their third jerseys. So very smart.