Saturday, June 13, 2009

Congratulations To Pittsburgh

The Penguins deserved to win.

They were hungrier and overall a better team than the vaunted but tired looking Detroit Red Wings. While many will be focusing on the juicy Marian Hossa storyline, the real story is a guy like Sidney Crosby being shut out of all the major awards this season but willing his team towards the most important piece of hardware.

That picture with his father above says it all. For all the grief Crosby takes by fans who call him a "whiner" etc., this is why he's the best all-around player in the NHL and will continue to be for a long, long time.

Overall, it was a great post-season for the NHL despite the annoying distraction of back-door "owner" Jim Ballsilly and locally, the bizarre trade request by Dany Heatley.

There's nothing better for a league when its biggest star wins a championship.

We'll be back when there is more Senators news to report on.

Enjoy your summer, hosers.


Anonymous said...

That was the best playoffs I can remember watching. So many great games. End to end action. And a story book ending.

With thirty games left, Pittsburgh was out of the playoffs. They were down 2-0 to Ovechkin and won against the odds. They were down 2-0 to Detroit and won against the odds. They won Game 7 on the road, against the odds.

Sports a great. Anything can happen.

Sidney Crosby said...

Thanks for the props!!

Anonymous said...

Classy post - good job. Your the only sens blog to congrat the Pens and Sid.

Way to go.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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