Friday, February 26, 2010

Shannon Re-Signs...

Another great signing by Bryan Murray.

Ryan Shannon came to Ottawa on a 2 way deal after failing to make his mark in the Canucks organization and has since become an underrated part of the Senators squad.

Simply put, the guy can flat out skate.

For another year at only 625 grand, Shannon has become one of those indispensable depth players who make an impact on the ice and not on the balance sheet. You can't stress enough the importance of having cheap role players like this in a salary cap system. He may be small and somewhat susceptible to injury, but he may be more valuable to the Senators than half the players who make more money than he does simply by the combination of his skill set and minimal salary.

And don't forget for a moment that Murray probably feels somewhat proud of plucking this guy from obscurity and wants him to remain wearing a Senators sweater for the foreseeable future as a subtle reminder that, yes, he knows what he's doing.

Not that Shannon makes a habit of scoring mind-blowing goals like this, but this shootout goal sure is fun to watch one more time.

Now, to get a pen in Anton Volchenkov's hand...

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