Monday, March 29, 2010

The Champ Featured In New NHL Ad

Excuse me, but I'm getting .... a little .... "verklempt". Talk amongst yourselves.


Now that we're on the subject of ads, here's a few random NHL centric classics.

Two from 1997:

Feelin' 7Up with 99

I used to eat these as a kid. They ruled. Had no idea they had aspartame though. Thanks a lot Wayne.

That's the way Wayne likes it.

90's Era Adam Oates "Coolest Game On Earth". Very provocative use of the phrase "loose rebounds".

Vintage Olaf Kolzig

Don't eat McDonalds, kids, no matter what Gretz and Mats tell you.

Rob Ray ESPN

Lemieux and the kids

We've saved the worst for last

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Anonymous said...

That "Feelin' 7up" commercial is one of the best ever. The guys I played hockey with were all trying to copy Wayne and his "puck trick".

Got me thinking, whatever happened to Wayne's ad with GWG jeans. Speaking of which, whatever happened to GWG jeans?