Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome To Hell

The worst/laziest article I have ever read: here

Peter at Silver Seven responds quite appropriately: here


JehanK said...

At least we'll have something to talk about this summer.

Seriously though, if Spezza is ready to bail on the team because he was briefly booed, so be it. I've been a huge fan of this guy ever since he came up. The media's not any different now than they've ever been.

I was AT the game where he was booed. As big a fan as I am of Spezza, he deserved it. He had a terrible game (Game 3, not Game 4 by the way), maybe the worst I've ever seen from him. When you play like crap, you get booed. It's sports for God's sake.

Yeah, the fans here are cynical and biased. If you listen to Montreal or Toronto radio when they're losing, it's no different at all.

And if you want media overkill, pressure and lunacy about sports, check out the French newspapers these days. There are worse places to play than Ottawa.

Spezza, I think, is listening to the wrong people.

Anonymous said...

There's really not a lot to say other than how depressing it is that the Sun can't find something positive to write about.

Ottawa wasn't supposed to make the playoffs by any "expert's" standards, and they manage to lose a competitive series to the defending champions. Spezza being second on the team in points.

TMZ can report in a better and more eloquent manner than the fucking Sun. Milks, you ever consider taking a run on Donny B's job?

Capital Grass and the No Men said...

The article in the Sun is why I can't go there for news anymore. This blog, the Sixth Sens, TSN and the Globe and Mail are the only sources that I can take seriously...