Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Night Gong Show

Colorado 7 Ottawa 1

No need to pile on any further.

Any number of outlets can tell you just how brutal and embarrassing tonight's bulldozer job was. I was at the rink for the first time this season and I can't remember a more subdued crowd since The Eagles put everyone in the building to sleep back in October of 2003.

Can't take any positives out of tonight except for some handsome jerseys and some vastly improved eats at the busy concession stands (I think everyone in my section ate a smoked meat sandwich in the first period, which unfortunately made the place reek like a dutch oven).

The Senators just need to go out and drown a few cold ones tonight and forget all about it.

Just one question still nags at the back of your head: Why did Paul MacLean change a winning line-up, especially after the team seemed to come together in an emotional win against the Wild?

It's seems convenient to ask that question amidst the ashes of Thursday night, but weren't many asking themselves that question well before puck-drop?

Perhaps Friday will bring us some answers. Or just more indigestion.


Anonymous said...

what a brutal brutal effort.
I guess we now see why colorado dumped Anderson - what was it, 18-19 goals he's let in over the last four games. Mind you the defence has been horrendous, but still, he's GOT to make some of those easy saves.

Anderson does not appear to our solution as it's looking like he is going to have a weak year.

Anonymous said...

Ander-Sieve has been blaming the ice, saying his former team in Colorado is bad.

Anderson, what does it say about YOU if a "bad" team is lighting you p to the tune of seven goals?

Another brilliant move by Murray, who sacrificed Landeskog for his own job security.