Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Black Aces Forges On

A few people emailed me recently wondering if Black Aces was kaput. Nope. We'll be going again once the games start up and I don't have to invent storylines (at least not as many as I do during the regular season).

The truth is I went for a couple of consolation beers the day Matt Carkner left the Senators for Long Island and those two beers quickly turned into a baker's dozen, and then a week long bender around Bytown's more classier joints. Unfortunately for all involved, this was not the end of the long, humid nightmare.

A week later I was spotted in Helena, Arkansas working as a hotel dishwasher under the alias Kid Galahad.  After a brief spell in a Mobile, Alabama jailhouse for various crimes on a golf course (pictured above), my family was able to extradite me to Canada where I've since been recovering at home watching the entire Knight Rider series on this new thing they invented while I was away called Netflix.

My B12 levels are returning to normal and I'm looking forward to another year of Black Aces once the lockout ends.

Yes, Matt Carkner is gone, but the ego-driven world of hockey blogging must continue, and I'll be there like I have been since 2007, still blaming the rest of you for running Ray Emery out of town.


Anonymous said...

I guess you'll have to come up with a new Black Aces logo at the top of your site too :)

phil said...

ray emery left?!

Anonymous said...

Was pretty happy when Carkner left, he would have been overpaid by far and hockey is slowly phasing out big hits that hurt so...

As for Emery, miss his swagger but he was never going to survive in this town overtly having fun as much as he did.
You want to get away with murder in this town, do it behing closed doors and go to bed at 10-11 p.m.

Looking forward to reading you,

Jeremy Milks said...

Greg, if you don't like Matt Carkner, Ray Emery and big hits, you will absolutely hate Black Aces. I guarantee that. But I hope you stick around for the Chris Neil worship. Cause that's gonna happen.