Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Emery Versus Bald Fat Dude

A big nod goes out to SensChirp for bringing this insane video to our attention.

Ray Emery tries to get at some fat Russian dude who is obviously trying to goad him into reacting. And he gets a reaction... a big one.

There is no context to this video and no explanation. But it will probably start making the media rounds any hour now.

See if you can figure out what is going on here.

Man, I miss Rayzer being a Senator...


Peter said...

It's worth noting that this video first showed up on Sens Town, who suggested the following as the context to the dispute:

"... reportedly he was just pulled from the game and was in a notoriously racist area of Russia and some racist remarks were made my fabs and then the trainer wanted him to put the hat on to hide his skin colour."

I don't know his source, but--if true--it might explain something.

Canucnik said...

Peter excellent piece of conjecture. Ray doesn't particulary like this trainer because he is always pushing the sponsor's product. It's the wrong Logo at the wrong time. The trainer is a meat ball (olympic cut) always looking to make trouble, but with connections to the sponsors, who as you know are the "Mob"! Thus, Ray's in trouble again. He should return to the sanctuary of Hamilton, Ontario where people understand him!

Anonymous said...

Ray's got moxy. We need him back in Ottawa. C'mon Geno, bring him back next year!

Anonymous said...

I've seen the video on TV a couple of times today. I'm pretty disappointed at the way the video was presented on various networks. The networks should be providing context or informing the viewer that they do not have the context, as you have done. They should not lead the viewer to a conclusion, when they do not have the facts.

On one occasion, I heard "Ray Emery was up to his old antics again ..." No context was provided. The assumption was that Ray was the wrong doer. He may be, but let's reserve judgement until we know the facts. That's pretty shoddy journalism, if you ask me. You're in my doghouse, Corey Ginther.

Next time Ginther messes up, you'll hear me say, "Ginther was up to his old antics again."

Andrew said...

Dude just stares him down after getting the glove to the head...either this man has testicles the size of grapefruits or he's as crazy as the rayzor himself. Either way, the mustache needs to let them work it out.

Canucnik said...

Andrew: The Soviet (a throw back) is either a weight lifter or a Greco/Roman wrestler... He is a taker (as in (incoming) punches to the head). Ray is almost perfectly ambidextras so is just pawing with the left to set up the right cross. This guy is down quick and hurt good; doesn't know why! (pleading ignorance) I 've seen this meat ball many times in my life. It's the authorities Ray, they want a planned economy again, they want full control of guys like you again. Heads up!

Canucnik said...

Can's 9:15PM Report last night... I didn't realize the Toronto guys read "Black Aces") I just made that stuff up (No insider knowledge, just pure conjecture) but if it got Ray (and JP) off the hook I'm all for it.

SoCal said...

His agent (Barry) is now quoted as saying:

"From what I understand, Ray was upset about being pulled, he was hot and his head was sweaty. He told the trainer three times that he didn't want the hat and then the guy gave him a tough-guy stare. Ray then pushed him away."

If this true, well, it isn't great PR. I was hoping for Ray's sake that he suffered a greater injustice than simply being benched.

Canucnik said...

Good reporting SoCal but there is more here than meets the eye! The Russians going Soviet again retaining two not so good North American traits.
(1) The Logo on everything. The franchise (and franchisee) has no say in when or where they wear it (signed away in every deal?) Thus big friction between sponsor and team (or player) Ray is not the bad guy here. That cement head was a "Logo Enforcer!"
(2) It's very American (read cool!) to make racial remarks and as with everyone's second language the user does not always appreciate the force of the slang being uttered (as in the "N" word). Everyone else in the world has caught on. Hopefully it will there too.

SoCal said...

More than meets the eye? Maybe, maybe not. Facts are one thing, speculation is another. Some misconceptions though in your attributions.

Logos, sponsorship? Overt advertising and pro sports (hockey & soccer in particular) has far stronger European roots than North American... but yes, one can speculate that that mighthave something to do with the hat being forced on Ray. Still, it's a league in financial turmoil and all pro athletes understand the role of sponsors. No need to punch someone simply over the suggestion that one wear a hat.

Racism? Hell, I think that's what we were all hoping was at the bottom of the incident. Definitely it is a major, major issue in much of Europe. Past history aside, I like Ray and would love for him to be the innocent victim in this situation.

Not really sure about your American-racism connection, either. You take plenty of liberties and make bold assumptions with your writing. I lived in Ottawa & Toronto for many years before heading south. Each country has its share of knuckleheads, both in the majority and minority communities.

At the end of the day, facts are facts. Hopefully more will emerge, but based on what's been reported so far, it's the same old same old.

Canucnik said...

SoCal you are so SoCal! Tipically new South Californians try to be more intellegent than "world leading" native Californians... you guys don't deal in facts... Have you forgotten OJ? By the way did you say that you had played in Europe?
We have video tape and some conjecture. We're trying to get Ray off the hook here!

SoCal said...

Haha. Played in Europe? Hell no. Like most of us my last hockey trophy dates to my yout' in Ottawa.

I don't doubt the trainer "deserved" Ray's wrath for cumulative transgressions beyond that attempt to crown him, but don't you think Ray ought to have exercised self-control & better judgment? Incidents like this aren't going to strengthen his off-season bargaining position if he want to make it back to the bigs.

Anyway, I'll let that random OJ comment slide because I need to gather some things and then begin my trek up to Staples to see the Kings-Hawks game.

Hope the lads crush those Blues.

Canucnik said...

SoCal enjoy the Hawks! Maybe I'm just jealous of your local. No offence intended! The blogs in general and Ray supporters speciffically (Black Aces) have totally turned the Toronto (National) media on the slant to this story; when they don't have anymore than we do.