Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It's starting to get painful watching these Senators play out the stretch here.

One of the only highlights was watching Jason Spezza stick up for Dany Heatley by instigating a fight with Dion Phaneuf. If anything, that altercation shows the worth of a player like Chris Neil but it looks like he's headed out of town if no last minute contract is worked out, further weakening this team for the future.

Right now, the loss seems secondary as the city waits to see what Bryan Murray does tomorrow at the trade deadline.

I'll be posting some quick reactions to any trades the Senators may do during the day and do a proper wrap-up later in the evening.

I'll be waiting impatiently like everyone else.

Have fun.


Anonymous said...

No chance without decent goaltending .. One weak goal per game pls not 2-3..

Anonymous said...

I agree that this team will be weaker once Neil goes. However, if Murray signs him for 2.5M, it will weaken this team even more. Every buck counts in the cap world and 2.5M is far too much for Neil's services. His knuckles can be replaced at a fraction of that price.


Canucnik said...

Forgive them GM/BM for they know not what they wish for!!

There are no Goalies that can cary this defence.

There are no goalies...who are an improvement out there for us.

Ya just saw what they did to a kid who came in Hotter than a pistol and they left him on his own till he frooze!

You are watching the worst defence in the league here....they look fairly good but they never get the puck.....that's their job!!

They go through us like we are not there! No just 21; tonight it was 14; it's infected everyone of them. Kuba looks like a forward trying to play defence.

"ONE CHANCE" a super star number 1 defenceman.

PS: Brendan was our best tonight and he's on the wire!

Oman said...

Hedman, here we come!