Monday, April 13, 2009

Prediction Time

The Senators are toast but that doesn't mean the world stops.

The playoffs are here and that means some hardcore hockey watching until the marathon ends in early June.

For the annual playoff predictions, I've brought in fellow Senator blogger Blood Red Army to help with the picks.

There are a lot of ex-Senators out there trying to win the Stanley Cup, such as Marian Hossa in Detroit, Antoine Vermette and Mike Commodore in Columbus, Zdeno Chara in Boston and Wade Redden in New York.

Anyways, enjoy the games. I know I will.

Eastern Conference Matchups

Boston vs. Montreal

Black Aces: Montreal
Blood Red Army: Boston

Washington vs. New York Rangers

Black Aces: Washington
Blood Red Army: Washington

New Jersey vs. Carolina

Black Aces: Carolina
Blood Red Army: Carolina

Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh

Black Aces: Pittsburgh
Blood Red Army: Philadelphia

Western Conference Matchups

San Jose vs. Anaheim

Black Aces: Anaheim
Blood Red Army: San Jose

Detroit vs. Columbus

Black Aces: Detroit
Blood Red Army: Columbus

Vancouver vs. St. Louis

Black Aces: St. Louis
Blood Red Army: St. Louis

Calgary vs. Chicago

Black Aces: Calgary
Blood Red Army: Chicago

Stanley Cup Finalists:

Black Aces: Calgary vs. Pittsburgh
Blood Red Army: San Jose vs. Carolina

Stanley Cup Winner

Black Aces: Pittsburgh
Blood Red Army: Carolina

Conn Smyth Trophy Winner:

Black Aces: Marc-Andre Fleury
Blood Red Army: Cam Ward

Playoff Scoring Leader

Black Aces: Evgeni Malkin
Blood Red Army: Patrick Marleau

Biggest Playoff Flop

Black Aces: Boston
Blood Red Army: Detroit


Anonymous said...


Boston over Montreal in 4 games.

N.Y. over Washington in 6 games.

N.J. over Carolina in 7 games.

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia in 5 games.


S.J. over Anaheim in 7 games

Detroit over Columbus in 5 games

Vancouver over St. Louis in 5 games

Chicago over Calgary in 6 games

Stanley Cup Finals: S.J vs Pitt
Stanley Cup Winner: Pitt
Conn Smythe Winner: Nabokov
Playoff Leading Scorer: Malkin
Biggest Flop: Calgary


G said...

the picks -

Boston 5 (I grew up in montreal worshipping the habs, they are my number 2 team behind the sens, however this edition of the habs is hard like, russians frogs and captain koivu and the enigmas of kovalev and price, they need to get blown out of the playoffs so they can blow up the team)

wash 6 (i like ov and think his schtick is good for the game, i love averys schtick too but the rangers have redden floating around the backend so it is hopeless for them)

nj 6 (fatboy in nets and a surprisingly potent offense this year they will do some damage this year)

Philly 5 (broadway bullies will run the "kids" out of the rink)

Anaheim 7 (San Jose chokes anaheim has big game players)

Columbus 4 (ok not going to happen but would be awesome, tired of the wings and their gaggle of swedes and ridiculous contracts, and all that winning all the time)

Van 7 (1 canadian team needs to advance even if it is the team with the twins and the ogre)

hawks 6 (love the style they play, flames have not been hot injuries abound)

I hope all the canadian teams win and i dont care who wins the cup if its not a canadian team, wait ill amend that if a canadian team doesnt win please dont let it be anaheim san jose carolina or columbus.