Thursday, April 30, 2009

Second Round Picks

As you may have noticed, there has been an almost complete lack of activity on Black Aces for the past month. We will be back with full Senators coverage whenever there is anything important to talk about but for now, after two years of almost daily blogging, I’m simply enjoying the playoffs and recharging my batteries. Right around the draft, Black Aces will be in full swing again or if anything big happens in the Senators world.

But first we need to get some predictions in. With our usual guest from Blood Red Army, here’s how we see the second round unfolding.

Boston vs. Carolina

Black Aces: Boston
Blood Red Army: Carolina

Washington vs. Pittsburgh

Black Aces: Pittsburgh
Blood Red Army: Washington

Detroit vs. Anaheim

Black Aces: Detroit
Blood Red Army: Detroit

Vancouver vs. Chicago

Black Aces: Chicago
Blood Red Army: Chicago

What was the best series of the first round?

Black Aces: Washington vs. New York
Blood Red Army: Chicago vs. Calgary

Who was the MVP of the first round?

Black Aces: Evgeni Malkin - Pittsburgh
Blood Red Army: Jonas Hiller - Anaheim

Which star player performed the worst in the first round?

Black Aces: Daniel Briere – Philadelphia
Blood Red Army: Evgeni Nabokov – San Jose (although there were many others)

Biggest moron of the first round? John Tortorella, Sean Avery, Donald Brashear, Daniel Carcillo or Montreal fans?

Black Aces: John Tortorella (He should be embarrassed by both his interactions with the fans and the media. Much like Ron Wilson, he thinks he invented hockey. Yet I’m glad he’s around for entertainment purposes.)

Blood Red Army: Montreal fans (Biggest morons in the WORLD)

Which first round team is most likely to blow up their roster for next season?

Black Aces: Montreal (duh)
Blood Red Army: Montreal


Our first round predictions can be seen here.

The score was:

Black Aces: 5
Blood Red Army: 4

Oooh so close. Sorry B.R.A. (yes that acronym spells BRA ... loser)

Although I picked Montreal to beat Boston. Brutal.


PvR said...

Montreal to beat Boston?

I'll say that was brutal. Whatever were you thinking? (Hindsight being 20-20, I know I would not have picked Montreal).

Good of you to put up something - some of us, perhaps with no lives, missed your ramblings.

Anonymous said...

You picked Montreal?!! Say it ain't so! And I actually read your blog. Shame on you. And Malkin? He wasn't even the pens mvp let alone the first rounds. Best series of 1st? Anaheim SJ. If only ottawa had someone like getzlaf. Dude's a force.

Anonymous said...

Boston in 6
Pittsburgh in 5
Detroit in 6
Vancouver in 6


Ps - not to brag, but I also scored a 5 in the first round(check the comments of the first round predictions)

Anonymous said...

boston, Anaheim, Van, and the Pens clobber the caps.


PvR said...

Anon @8:43, ouch (not that I predicted anything).

Anonymous said...

yeah, that hurt the pride a little.