Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bring Back The Red, White and Black

I've went on and on about how the Senators uniforms are only "okay" and I won't bore you with more meaningless whining on the subject (I don't hate the current uniforms, but they are completely disposable and already dated looking). But my brother pointed out this vintage sweater to me on EBay and it makes me nostalgic for the classic threads the Senators used to wear.

I mean, just look at this amazing sweater. I have no idea why the organization ever discontinued it. It's perfect, yet sadly forgotten.

They have an intimdation factor too. Wasn't it celebrity Leaf fan Mike Myers who said that part of the reason he hated the Senators was that their black uniforms made them look like the Empire out of Star Wars?

And the classic logo. Proud and traditional, and not with a put-on menace and cartoon like feel which the current logo certainly has in spades.

My dream scenario? They go back to this black sweater (and it's white counterpart) with the original logo, and they use the current red one as a 3rd jersey.

Everyone wins, right?

Or am I on my own here? Maybe some of you think the old sweaters are ugly. But then I'd have to question your taste...


Blood Red Army said...


Anonymous said...

I like the 2-D white jersey. And I also like the red and black jersey that they had when they went to the Finals.

Actually I like the whole uniform line-up from 2006-07.

But, the 2-D white is the classic original all-time authentic jersey, in my books. Bring it back!!!

I don't like any of the current jerseys.

Anonymous said...

Just in case you missed it:


I don't know if you get the paper copy of The Hockey News, but if you don't, you need to buy the September 7, 09/Vol.63 No.03(it's on the shelf now and has Tavares on the cover).

You have been published on page 29 under the "Ottawa Reason To Be Fired UP!"

I let a small load out in my pants when I saw it!

Ryan Hy's

Anonymous said...

absolutely. scrap every jersey theyre wearing and bring back the blacks and whites which are true hockey uniforms and distinctly ottawa. no cartoony bullshit, its embarrassing. use that proposed "=O=" "heritage" jersey as a third and DONT FUCKING TOUCH IT for at least 20 years. maybe play with the third every now and then but bring back the old blacks and whites and let it be!!!!!

Jeremy Milks said...

Hey Ryan, yah I caught that in THN. Except they gave out the wrong web address! Can't win 'em all. But I've read THN since I was a kid so I'm stoked.

Jalen said...

That black jersey was awesome.

- Jalen

papashango said...

lets start a petition to bring it back!!