Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No Tech

My computer whacked out for good yesterday and so there will be no game report on the loss to the Penguins. Hopefully I'll be back up by Thursday if I can swing a deal on a new desktop. Anyone know of any good deals? Mac or PC?


Anonymous said...

pc. no such thing as a good deal on a mac.

Anonymous said...

Dude, in Bells Corners there is a place called The Trailing Edge. They basically deal with rebuilding computers, refurbishing and stuff like that. Give them a call or stop by and just ask them what they might have available. Stuff their is alot cheaper but works well and they offer warrranties. Its behind the Winners

Anonymous said...

I've always bought the parts I want from RB Computing in Bells Corners. They're pretty reliable, but you have to know what parts you want.

Otherwise, Futureshop and BB have a few good deals on laptops right now (< $800) and they'll have a bunch on clearance right before Windows 7 releases.