Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Volchenkov Speaks

A revealing, and must-read interview with Anton Volchenkov from Puck Daddy. Sounds like he's ready to move on if he needs to:

You spent seven years in Ottawa. You can say that the Senators nurtured you as a player. How will you feel if you have to leave Ottawa?

I think I was nurtured as a player in Russia. And here I was given a chance to play. Of course I have to admit that it is going to be sad if I have to leave Ottawa. But this is hockey. It doesn't always happen the way you want it. I am not a fan of changing teams, but... But if I am in such situation, we will have to decide. But it will all have to happen later.


Anonymous said...

I read that this afternoon as well. I'm no insider, but here's my take.

I wouldn't read too much into it, other than both sides are posturing. It's in the Sens interest to say that they have limited space, and it's in Volchenkov's interest to say he's prepared to leave. I'm sure he's been coached by his agent on what to say.

Isn't it odd that a guy who barely speaks English, gives a comprehensive interview in English, to an American blogger, a day after cleaning out his locker. His agent is based in the US as well. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

It's true that the Sens do have limited space, and it's probably true that Volchenkov is willing to leave. But, his agent is going to try get the best offer he can from the Sens. Who can blame him? It'll probably be the biggest opportunity of Volch's career.

We won't even know which teams want to bid on Volch until the playoffs are over. If the Caps win the Cup, why would they need to spend $5M on Volch?

I think this will go down to the wire, like the Chris Neil thing. It looks like both sides, and the fans, want it to work out. Lots to be hopeful about.

But, then again, I'm no insider, just speculating.

In any case, it would have been wise to take care of it last summer.

phil said...

the interview was with Dmitry Chesnokov, puck daddy's russian contributor - surely the interview was done in russian and translated..