Saturday, January 8, 2011

What Happens Now?

For Cory Clouston, the worst-case scenario has happened.

Losing to both the Hawks and now the Lightning makes him 0-2 ever since GM Bryan Murray said the coach's job status was day to day.

My guess is that Clouston survives, though I don't think that's necessarily what's best for this team. They could use a change behind the bench (in fact they could have used it about a month ago) but without Jason Spezza in the lineup, the Senators are in a hopeless situation no matter who's coaching. What's the point of Murray taking over a team that can't generate any offense?

Maybe Murray will have no choice but to pull the trigger after his public comments earlier this week. Doing nothing will confuse people, but any new coach is going to have the challenge of his life to squeeze some goals out of this team.

Either way, Sunday will be grim for the boys.


Jeremy said...

Hopefully Murray gets some picks for Philips now.

Anonymous said...

We're losing, but at least we aren't getting blown out.

I'm with you in that a change is overdue, but my point is that this team isn't too far away from turning it around.

The right voice could have a positive impact. I'm just not sure that Murray is the right voice, nor do I think he'd be the right guy to choose the right voice.

But, if he doesn't think Clouston can get it done, it's time for him to step up to bat.

Anonymous said...


Since you're the unofficial uni aficionado in the Sens blogging world, I gotta say that I hope we never see those black jerseys again. I'm sick of them.

Watching the Habs in HD tonight, made me envious, as a Sens fan, of their tradition and their jersey.

The whole fan base was basically wearing the same jersey. It just looks right.

Sens said...

"What's the point of Murray taking over a team that can't generate any offense?"

Other than The Bryan has a massive ego and the mainstream media will tell us how endearing it is to have a good old Shawville boy behind the bench and tell us his jokes and life story? idea, really.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, another blog site is saying Tim Murray will replace Bryan next season...we're becoming the Calgary Flames.

What have I done as a fan to deserve this? I've gone to games, supported the team, defended them...yet my owners is hell-bent on propagating mediocrity and instilling a culture of losing.

Terrible, terrible stuff.

Blood Red Army said...

Nevermind the coach or GM, what about the people who decide on jerseys around here.

The friggin minor league team gets it! Why don't we??

I can't believe they beat us to the punch... these look better than I ever imagined.

Sens said...

I like the jerseys but the "oh" or "zero" would make us the butt of endless jokes.

Jeremy Milks said...

I like those "O" barberpole jerseys, but probably only as a the 3rd sweater. Like I always say, bring back the original white and black jerseys. Like anonymous above talking about how nice the Habs jerseys are and how everyone in the crowd was wearing the same jersey.... just look at the crowd at a Sens game. There's been so many versions of the Sens jersey that it looks like a yard sale in the stands.

hambown said...

Well, hopefully this dreadful play will at least translate into some decent positions at the draft table, with good returns in a few years. It would be nice to have Jeff Skinner 2.0 suit up for the Senators