Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Black Aces Vintage: Total Recall Edition

A few uniforms we'd like to see in the NHL again:

Vancouver Canucks 1978 - 1985: This one is crying out to be one of those retro jerseys used in a future Winter Classic or Heritage game. It's ugly, yes, but in that "so ugly it's good" kind of way. Mustard helmets are also rad.

New York Rangers 1976 - 1978:  These were brought in by GM John Ferguson Sr. and they were a big break from tradition and not very popular at the time. But these look pretty sharp in retrospect and would make a nice third jersey.

Minnesota North Stars 1967 - 1991: Either the Dallas Stars or the Minnesota Wild would do well to bring back a variant of one of these classic sweaters. The simplicity of the older model worn by Tim Young is my favourite but the Hartsburg era sweaters with the shoulder yokes are right up there.

Toronto Maple Leafs 1970 - 1992: The Leafs wore these uni's through their wilderness years in the 70's and 80's under infamous owner Harold Ballard and there are rumours the Leafs may be bringing these back as a third jersey.

Ottawa Senators 1995 - 1997: They wore the white ones up until 2007 but discontinued the classic black a decade earlier. These second-set uni's (the first sweaters were similar but not perfected yet) were classy and pre-cartoon era. These were also the last dark sweaters with a normal waist stripe. Sadly, it will probably take a lot longer for the organization to realize they had it right in the first place. How many more gimmick uniforms are we going to be subjected to?


Ottawa Senators Horrific Blast From The Past

If there is one photo that could dissuade anyone from going back to these jerseys, this would be the one. Radek Bonk had a very underrated Kentucky Waterfall going on back in his draft year. I wonder how much his rookie cards are worth nowadays?


Sens said...

Pleeeeeeeeeeeease bring back those Sens unis. They are so much better than the "3-D" look they sport now.

I kinda like the "Skate" Canucks logo myself, to be honest.

Anonymous said...

I think we should start a petition to bring those Ottawa uniforms back. Lead the charge Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer having those jersey's even if every player on the team had to have those haircuts as part of the deal. They're awesome! Why the hell did we go to the current cartoony crap? I guess to try and capture a younger fan base, since a lot of the stubborn old farts still for the leafs and habs. The brass, I'm guessing, doesn't get that kids can spot a fake just as easinly as adults.