Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sens Stun Devils 2-1 .... Game Notes

Isn't it strange how things work out. The Devils Brian Rolston (much like his team) was left for dead earlier in the season. He was put on waivers back in December but has clawed his way back and Jacques Lemaire, who coached Rolston for the 90's version of the Devils and also in Minnesota, has put him back among the top six and Rolston has become one of their most important players again. Rolston was once universally considered the NHL's most underrated player but once he started getting paid for it, he actually became overrated. Now he's back to being underrated. One thing he never lost was that cannon of a shot. He can absolutely rifle it. He also tied Jason Spezza for the most shifts among forwards tonight with 27.....

.....Did anyone see Bobby Butler accept that pass from Spezza about two minutes into the second? He collected it behind his back going full speed over the blueline and managed to get a shot on net. Incredible....Then about 3 minutes later Erik Condra outdoes Butler and scores the first goal of the game by doing a spinerama in front of the net and scoring off the rebound by smacking it in out of the air while falling to his knees. Are you kidding me?.....Fittingly, Condra got the game winner late in the third on a beauty feed from Spezza..... Am I wrong or has Chris Phillips gotten his game back ever since the contract was signed? He was the best defenseman on the ice tonight for either team....

…. Just guessing here, but I think Peter Regin will be back in form next season. He had a classic bout of the sophomore jinx, which is more of a mental roadblock than it is a physical one, but try telling that to his surgically repaired shoulder. Regin might also want to consider changing his number from 13 to anything else. Number 12 is free right now…. Had a dream I was hanging out with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger last night. Keith fell asleep and I asked Mick if he wanted to watch a Senators game. He frowned and walked out of the house. What does it all mean?......I always find it funny that fans constantly second guess general managers for picking a certain player in the Entry Draft every June. Like they think the GM should listen to them before they listen to their army of professional scouts who travel thousands of miles and rack up years of experience watching thousands of hockey games and go through endless meetings where every prospects strengths and weaknesses are analyzed to death. But no, listen to the dude who works at KFC and has never watched a junior game in his life. Essentially, isn’t the entire blogosphere a little like that too? Myself included. What did Chris Farley once say? “I can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my head up a bull’s ass but I’d rather take the butcher’s word for it.”….

…..Over the years, you can’t really say the Senators have been hurt by injuries more than other teams, but for close to a calendar year, this team has been decimated by important players getting seriously hurt. Go back to the end of last season and you have Alex Kovalev, Filip Kuba, Milan Michalek, Pascal Leclaire, Daniel Alfredsson, Jason Spezza, Peter Regin and now Matt Carkner going down with long-term injuries. And you also had Mike Fisher playing at about half-speed through most of this season with an “upper body injury” before he got traded to Nashville. No team could survive that and, obviously, the Senators were no exception. Having a healthy Brian Elliott didn’t help either…..

....The Senators should consider bringing in current Devil Johan Hedberg as a backup to Craig Anderson next season (presuming Anderson signs here). He had a couple of tough years with a bad Thrashers team but he's always been a reliable goalie for 30 games a year and seems to be well liked wherever he plays. He may end up staying in Jersey because he's been strong when Martin Brodeur's been hurt, but he would look good in a Senators uniform. As I've mentioned before, Mathieu Garon of Columbus would also make a good backup. Both are free agents this summer....I'm not saying Craig Anderson's new mask is ugly, but it looks like something Ricky from The Trailer Park Boys would design if he had the chance. But it didn't seem to hurt Anderson's game. He stopped 31 of 32 shots against a Devils team desperate to make the playoffs. Get this guy signed yesterday....Luckily for the Devils, the Sabres lost to the Penguins tonight.


PvR said...

Well said. And that part about the butcher not only summed up the thought process behind many of our comments but also provided a darn good laugh.

Oman said...

Yes, PvR, this is why I tend not to read all the comments at Chirpy's site... though once in a while I still find myself taking a good peek up the bull's ass. :P

Anonymous said...

The thing is, there are a LOT of hardcore rink-rats out there that do put the time in to make their analysis, etc. Just look at the Maple Street Press stuff, they break down various sports using advanced stats, with some other insights. McKeeen's guys probably aren't scouts either but they certainly know their stuff.

The whole "I'll defer to X" has always seemed like an appeal to authority fallacy. It comes out so often when any criticism of St. Bryan is thrown out: "Well he's been in the league for 30 years!" Does that mean he's perfect? That he's never misjudged anything? How many trends has he created or bucked? What are his innovations? What did he win and how did he construct that winner? All questions that need to be asked but won't be here in Ottawa because the MSM has a dreadful fear of asking tough questions.

If Murray's picks become a Stanley Cup winner, he can get his credit, as that is the only goal. If the team misses the playoffs year after year, maybe he hasn't picked the right people.

As for Phillips, he isn't playing harder, he's just not playing worse.

Loving the kids, saddened we need to keep the veterans around (including Spezza, Phillips, Neil and yes even venerable and beloved ALfie). It feels like a half blow-up.

Blood Red Army said...

"Loving the kids, saddened we need to keep the veterans around (including Spezza, Phillips, Neil and yes even venerable and beloved ALfie). It feels like a half blow-up."

The epitome of insanity. Honestly.