Friday, July 22, 2011

Black Aces Joins Civilization

Yes, I get the irony here.

After taking a few shots at the Twitterverse in a post here, I decided I should actually spend more than 5 minutes checking it out and, lo and behold, I realized that there was more to it than maybe I originally thought.

So I sold out and joined up. I've already gotten the gears from friends. Feel free to say I told you so if you want.

Anyways, I figure I could add another dimension to Black Aces by doing this and once the season starts I'll probably be completely addicted and my life will fall apart. If you're a reader of Black Aces, take the time to follow me over there and hopefully I can do something interesting with it and make it worthwhile, especially when the season starts and there's more to talk about. It won't just be about hockey either. Expect a few Dio, Dylan or Stones links if I've had a few cold ones on a Saturday night. Or anything else I might regret in the morning.

Here's the link to the Black Aces Twitter home page:!/BlackAcesOttawa

Also, if you think you're brave enough, follow me over at Yo! Henry Moses (!/YoHenryMoses), a project that will eventually be in book form. Warning: following Henry Moses can lead to severe brain damage.


Brian5or6 said...

I bet the SENS make the playoffs. Don't believe me? Check into the mental hospital.

Mark Parisi said...

No! I thought we were anti-Twitter buddies!

Anonymous said...

Sigh :(

It's your decision and I do support it but Twitter seems like the epitome of banality. I clicked that Moses link, saw something about "psychotic girlfriend" and immediately closed the window.

I'll stick to reading blogs and writing good-sized responses, our world is too frenetic and attention spans too short as is; I despise seeing "tweets"in newspapers and MSM, just have a damned conversation already.