Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's All Good, Neil'er...'re in great company.

Okay, maybe Jimmy Swaggart doesn't belong here, but when you're talking about crying, you can't exclude the all-time world champion.

But you gotta love it when tough, emotional leaders like Chris Neil or Mark Messier let it all hang out. Neil is going to pick up right where Mike Fisher left off at Rogers House, and he's now one of the last leaders left on the Ottawa Senators. Expect a big year.

Geez, now I'm getting emotional. Maybe I should watch a non-emotional movie ... I don't know, something like Rudy.


Anonymous said...

I hope Neil has a big year.

But, wouldn't it have been awesome if he threw in a,

"I promised Fish I wouldn't do this"

It would have fit. The timing would have been right. The occasion was appropriate. He had the right tone. Even the amount of crying was just perfect to accomodate the line.

It's been almost 23 years since we've heard that line. It's time for an encore.

Jeffrey Lebowski said...

Strong men also cry... Strong men... also cry.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I`d put Neil in the same category as two Hall of Famers...maybe we can find a picture of Link Gaetz or Laraque crying instead?

P.S. You`ll never convince me 99 TEARS were real. He was smiling like a kid who`d stolen some cookies afterward, hope Jezebel Jones is happy stealing a national treasure from us! :(