Thursday, December 27, 2007

Don Cherry Goes On A Right-Wing Nutjob Rampage

William Houston of the Globe and Mail has a very funny but all-too scary article on Don Cherry's antics during last Saturday's Coaches Corner on HNIC.

In just 5 minutes, Cherry was putting the flamethrower to Native Canadians, David Suzuki and environmental activist Andrew Ference in a rant that would make even Bill O'Reilly of Fox News blush.


"They struggled on, showing clips from a game between the Penguins and Boston Bruins. Cherry then referred to "a left winger" on the Bruins as "Dr. Suzuki."

The player in question was Andrew Ference, who initiated an environmental program for the Bruins and spends his off-seasons working with children in developing countries. Hockey Night ran a feature on Ference on Dec. 15.

Ference is a defencemen, but in the context of Cherry's politics and ideology, he's a left winger in the mould of famed Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki.

"That was sickening last week by the way," Cherry said of the Ference feature.

"What?" MacLean said. "What is going on with you here?"

"What is this stuff?" Cherry asked. "It's Hockey Night in Canada. And we're talking about saving the world and all that stuff. Let's talk about hockey."

Of course, Cherry talks about subjects unrelated to hockey all the time: fallen police officers, firefighters, members of the military.

At the start of Saturday's segment, he reminded viewers of the real meaning of Christmas: the birth of "baby Jesus. "


Now, I actually find Cherry to be amusing most of the time but he crossed the line by trying to denigrate a player who has the audacity to be an environmentalist.

So let's get this straight. Don Cherry over the years has now insulted the following people:



Native Canadians

French Canadians

David Suzuki!!!!


Players who are environmentalists


Players who wear visors

So who hasn't he insulted?

Stephen Harper

Baby Jesus

Tie Domi

Darcy Tucker

Who will the Cherry hammer fall on next?

Mother Theresa?

If you are white, vote Conservative and are a Christian, you're probably safe.

If not, run for cover.

Brought to you by a federal institution (CBC) payed for by all the taxpayers.


Ben said...

If that guys says 'let's talk about hockey', then I don't ever want to hear another story about dieing/dead children, or dieing/dead soliders (btw, "We gotta support 'em, AND NOT TALK ABOUT THEM!" is one of my favourite eye-rolling quotes of all time) ever again!!

He's not just an idiot, he's a hypocrite... the worst kind of idiot.

Sherry said...

I'm two out of those three things so maybe I'm still susceptible to his wrath.

I have to say, that I am usually quite fond of Cherry, even if not a fan of how he spews his opinions. That being said, he was way off the mark last weekend.

Anonymous said...

It's rather funny that you would knock the CBC for having Don Cherry on, demonstrating right wing views, when right wingers would highly object to extremely left wing CBC shows such as "The Hour". That's life with a public broadcaster.

Anonymous said...

Honestly... despite his position on HNIC, I just haven't paid him any attention for years. I'm not going to called him an idiot or anything but, when I listen to him, he really just sounds like a old coot... and who really pays attention to that??? (not that calling him an old coot is much better than calling him an idiot ;) ) My mother refers to McLean and Cherry as the old men from The Muppet Show... lol

Anonymous said...

Can't run to the mute button fast enough when it's time for Cherry.