Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Loving The Shootout

If anyone had the chance to watch the Detroit-Washington tilt last night, you would have been treated to a great game and an even better shootout.

The moves that Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg and Jiri Hudler put on Olaf Kolzig were freaking sick. All three scored on perfect dekes and all on the backhand. They’re still looking for Kolzig’s groin which is probably hanging from the rafters.

It was also strange to see new Caps coach Bruce Boudreau put Alex Ovechkin in the third shootout slot after Viktor Kozlov and Alex Semin. As it turns out, Ovechkin never got a chance to shoot and the Caps lost the game. Mike Babcock on the other hand made sure that his two most skilled players in Datsyuk and Zetterberg got in there right away to put down the hammer.

Another note: Semin came in and put one high on Dominik Hasek, popping the water bottle into the air like an exclamation point. Visually, the water bottle getting popped like that is great but unfortunately, the NHL has made a new rule that all water bottles have to be placed in a holder that sits at the back portion of the net to ensure that it doesn’t obscure the overhead camera during a disputed goal. That means we won’t be seeing that bottle flying too much anymore but thankfully for the viewers, Hasek was breaking the rules during the shootout.

Remember the shootout goal that Sidney Crosby scored during his rookie year against Montreal? That water bottle flying in the air was perhaps more memorable than the nifty deke that Crosby laid down.

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