Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bringing Down The Whip

In case you missed this great call by Dave Schreiber and Gord Wilson on the Team 1200 last night during the Jarkko Ruutu - Jim Slater scrap:


Craig Hartsburg bag skated the players today and told the media that the Big 3 will all be on separate lines.

It seems like the right thing to do at the moment and it's probably right for Hartsburg to show a little more of a mean streak. It might work for a game or two but it could also weaken his position significantly if the players don't respond well. And it may not be their fault either. Like Jason York said on the radio today, it's not a lack of effort but a lack of execution.

Hartsburg might need to open things up here and let the players (and specifically the defenseman) go for it and just hope Alex Auld can handle more quality shots that he would inevitably face in such a system.

It's kind of funny. Hartsburg was hired to tighten up the defense but now his job may depend on him finding some offence.

That's life in the NHL. It's cutthroat and all coaches know this going in. I think Hartsburg is a good coach and definitely deserves some more time because you can't have constant chaos in the organization, even if you're losing. But he's subject to the same conditions that every coach faces.
Hired to be fired.

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