Sunday, December 21, 2008


With the craziness of Christmas upon us, the posts will be few and far between on Black Aces until the first week of January, when everything will return to normal.

As for the Friday and Saturday games, two Christmas parties in two nights didn't make for any detailed viewing but it was pretty wild to see Jason Smith deliver a win for the Senators in overtime.

To me, the biggest question remains (other than the immediate health of Alfie) whether or not Hartsburg decides to go with Martin Gerber against the high scoring Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday.

The coach seems pretty hesitant to let Auld get on a roll again by playing him after a bad game but Gerber almost sunk this team last night with his usual mediocre play.

If neither goalie can get hot again, it's going to be a long road trip.


Anonymous said...

He can't go with gerbs. He was horrible last night. Again.

Anonymous said...

I wish people would knock it off with the Gerber bashing... Seems like the team won despite some bad goaltending (at both ends). Makes up for the times Gerber played well and the team couldn't buy a goal.

Anonymous said...

If the road trip is a disaster, I'd like to see Pat Quinn brought in as interim GM and coach, kinda like a defacto "Cliff Fletcher". They could then search for a more permanent guy in the offseason, like Stevie Y.

Baroque said...

You'll need to wait until after 2010 for Yzerman. He's concentrating on the Olympics until then - he might be available afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I guess anon 925 is a leaf fan in disguise. Couldn't pick someone much worse than quinn for the job. He's well known for trading away talent and picks for players who are over the hill, and benching young talent in favour of old men. Note Hall's omision on the junior team. BM's a good GM, the fact that he hasn't traded under performing guys for nothing is a good thing, not a bad. Give him a chance, his plan will come to fruition. Muckler is largely esponsible for the situation we are in currently. It takes years to see how a GM is doing.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the gerber love in. He sucks. His salary is crippling to this team making moives and signing free-agents.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 5:25pm

The one good thing that Murray has done, is that is he hasn't traded away the core of the team, at least not yet.

I think that it's way off base to say that Muckler is responsible for the team's performance. He would have had a different coach in place. I don't think that Gerber would be getting the chances he is getting under Murray. I think the makeup of the team would be less grit and more skill. Corvo would still be here, as well as Mez, and one of Preissing or Redden.

The team would be playing a different style under Muckler, with different personnel, under a different coach.

At the very least, you don't know how they would be. Mt bet is that they would be much better than today, and more entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Corvo was run out of town by the media (as Spez will be one day), Mezaros wanted way too much money, Redden, despite his obvious deterioration post-Chara, signed a monster deal as a UFA, but letting Preissing go was a mistake, as he wasn't that expensive (and is apparently available now).
It's debatable wether the team would be more exciting to watch now. Maybe. Don't forget that it was BM who was coaching the Run-n-Gun style that led to the cup run. And that Muckler didn't exactly leave any steaks in the freezer when he left. In fact, it was bone dry.