Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Little Glory For Brian Lee

No time for a post tonight, but I promised earlier in the season, after writing him off, that I would be the first to congratulate Brian Lee if he ever had another good game in a Senators uniform.

So there you go.

Classy move by Cory Clouston to get Brian Lee on the ice in his home state and it paid off because number 5 played a confident, solid game in about 17 minutes of ice time.

If "Mr. Hockey" gets into the Colorado game because Matt Carkner is still hurt, .... hey, you never know. Clouston might have a tough time taking him out.

Black Aces Senators 3 Stars - Ottawa 3 Minnesota 1

1. Daniel Alfredsson
2. Erik Karlsson
3. Pascal Leclaire

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