Friday, June 20, 2008

Emery On Waivers

With St. Louis acquiring Chris Mason from Nashville, Emery's possible destinations have just been narrowed.

Some team is going to hit a home run with this guy. It just won't be the Senators.
Barring a trade or unexpected signing, the team is now in the shaky hands of Martin Gerber.
Uh oh.


G said...

i hope they somehow shore up the D and find a goalie somewhere, or else we wont even make the playoffs let alone have the honour of being swept by roberts and the wonderkids. The whole rayser situation is a pathetic fiasco, silly and absurd. Young goalie takes team to finals gets big contract has surgery doesnt do enough to get back in form isnt given any playing time down the stretch even though the team is tanking and the play of gerber shaky at best. Is made out to be some kind of monster in the media, even though he never was busted for assault, dui, spousal abuse, failure to pay childsupport or killing a friend and teammate while driving recklessly in a residential neighbourhood, nope those things we can forgive. For Ray the perception of him leading a "hip-hop" lifestyle whispers of smoking weed(gasp,the horror)and having a laid back attitude or not being an awesome practice player(i have never heard of a game being decided in practice...) were/are enough to crucife him and run him out of town even though we have no solution for the goaltending situation and we wont even wait to see what a perhaps embarrassed perhaps chastised a perhaps more humble a perhaps yearolder year wiser Ray could do this coming season. If he plays poorly or causes a ruckus then as Bruce Garrioch likes to squeal
"get rid of him". Second chances do turn out sometimes and sports are rife with "bad boys" turning it around and excelling in their sport. Too bad for ottawa Ray will get his second chance somewhere else and when he does he will be twice the goalie gerber is or brian elliott or glass or unless murray pulls something off anybody the sens have in net, and I for one am going miss not having the volatile talented free spirit rayser betwixt the pipes.

Jeremy Milks said...