Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wings Are Class Act - CBC's Scott Oake Is Not

The season is finally over and it ends with the Detroit Red Wings lifting the Cup for the 11th time in their history. Bring on the "closest the Cup will ever get to Toronto" jokes. A great win for an excellent organization.

What's almost as good is Chris Chelios telling a Detroit reporter on NBC that he plans to play in the NHL next year. "I don't need to go out on top." If he's come this far, he might as well go for Gordie Howe's longevity record.

The only black mark on an otherwise stellar night for the league was moronic CBC reporter Scott Oake interviewing Darren McCarty after the win and bringing up McCarty's past substance abuse problems while McCarty's kids were hanging off his sides.

The question was along the lines of "Substance Abuse to the Stanley Cup. How do you feel?"

I'm sure McCarty felt just dandy about Oake bringing up the subject in front of his kids. Nice work Oake. Really classy. Perfect timing.

For the best blog coverage of the final you can head to some of these great Red Wing and Penguin-centric blogs like From Abel To Yzerman, Pensblog and Empty Netters.

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