Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Former Sens Assistant Pissed At Jacques

When Jacques Martin hired Peter DeBoer to be the new coach of the Florida Panthers, he royally pissed off old friend Perry Pearn (current assistant with the Rangers) who feels he was promised an interview but never got one. He never even got a phone call apparently.

"Jacques knew I had this knee replacement surgery ... when we first talked I was still in hospital, and he said he'd call me again a week ago Thursday," said Pearn, who never received a call, which bothers him after learning about DeBoer's hiring on the sports channel ticker. "It's not the end of the world (that) I didn't get the job. People have to make the decisions they make, but what I can't accept is I didn't get a call.

"I spent eight years with the guy and was pretty good to him," ... "it was a bit shocking to read it on TV. I mean, if Jacques had called and said, I'm going in a different direction,' that would have been fine.

"I certainly didn't think I was a shoo-in by any stretch, or a front-runner, but I thought for sure I'd get an interview. I've been working really hard on my knee so I could travel (for a face-to-face meeting with Martin)."

- Edmonton Journal

Jacques has a unique way of making enemies. TSN is now reporting that Olli Jokinen is "indicating" that he wants a trade after claiming he wanted to stay for the last year at least.

"Panthers' captain Olli Jokinen has indicated to Florida's general manager Jacques Martin that he would like a trade. The big centre will continue to lure tons of interest, although one team suggests the asking price is marked at two young NHL roster players and a first round draft pick."

- TSN (Darren Dreger)

I'm not sure why Wade Redden would be enticed to play in Miami despite all the rumours. It sounds like a bit of gong show at the moment.

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Ben said...

What's even more stupefying is that the Panthers re-signed Jok just last year to a 3-year deal in the same situation.

He wanted out. They wanted to trade him.

It would be like the Sens re-signing Redden and then being pissed that he sucks again in a year.