Monday, June 9, 2008

Two Candidates?

Don Brennan over at Off The Posts has an interesting piece of information posted about the Senators vacant coaching position:

"Word on the streets - or at least in one small neighborhood - is that Bryan Murray likes two coaching candidates so much he's prepared to offer a job to both of them.The above rumored scenario has Bob Hartley taking over the head coach position and Craig Hartsburg being hired as an assistant, although it's possible the latter could be given a bigger role and title. Either way, it still sounds like Murray's short list has just the two names on it."

- Off The Posts

You have to wonder how that scenario would work out. It seems a little strange that someone with Hartsburg's buzz would accept an assistant position. If that turns out to be the case, maybe Hartsburg is not as sought after as some would have you believe. It's not like he has an impressive NHL resume (click for Hartsburg's coaching stats here).

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Peter said...

I've actually heard similar rumours, but they were with Hartley as head coach and Peter DeBoer as an assistant.

I was wondering the same as you, though; why would someone like Hartsburg of DeBoer, both seemingly hot commodities on a busy coaching market, accept a position as an assistant?