Thursday, July 17, 2008

Looking To Bingo For Scrappers

With the trade of Brian McGrattan to the Phoenix Coyotes, the Senators lost a big time heavyweight and an AHL record holder for penalty minutes.

Alas, they still have some muscle in the organization with Jeremy Yablonski freshly signed to a two year deal in Bingo and Matt Carkner coming on for similar terms.

Most people know what Chris Neil and Jarkko Ruutu can do as they've been in the league as regular players but Yablonski and Carkner are a mystery to those who don't regularly watch AHL hockey (or Mixed Martial Arts in the case of Yablonski).

Carkner probably won't make the top-six rotation on defence but he might stick around in a role similar to McGrattan's last season.

Sportsnet's scouting report on Carkner :

"Is a willing combatant who takes on all comers, and an excellent teammate. Can play a sound defensive role from the back end at lower levels. ...

Doesn't own enough skating speed to keep up with NHL forwards. May have to permanently switch to forward in order to earn a regular big-league paycheck. "

- Sportsnet

Here Carkner cleans out Drew Fata:

The 28 year old Yablonski seems like one scary dude and he is the most obvious candidate to take on the Donald Brashear's and the George Laraque's of the Eastern Conference should the Senators need that type of help. Somewhere along the long grind of the regular season which includes an 8 game road trip over Christmas (to make way for Ottawa hosting the World Junior's), Yablonski will probably get a chance to drag his knuckles on the NHL's pristine white ice.

If this scrap doesn't make you wince, you're taking too much Somonex:

He wins a clean one over Todd Fedoruk (who hasn't?) in his first NHL game with St. Louis:

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Ben said...

Cody Bass is practically on the Sens roster next year already. He'll help fill the toughness role.