Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Toth On Ray Ray

Doing my best to ignore the latest round of rumours until something concrete happens (Havlat, Havlat, Havlat...). In lieu of that, let me be the lone wolf to point out something of substance that was written today.

In case anyone missed it, Mike Toth over at Sportsnet came out swinging in defense of Ray Emery. Everyone is sick of talking about it but at least Toth says something new on the subject (and something I agree with .... surprise, surprise)

"So, besides unsubstantiated rumours, what grave sins has Emery committed?

He showed up late for some practices, was upset about not playing enough and had a few minor traffic mishaps. ...

The fact is, a lot of goalies hate practice and will do almost anything to avoid serving as a human target for a bunch of head-hunters armed with a bucket of pucks. Gerry Cheevers, for instance, was notorious for his creative excuses and tried everything short of delivering a "The dog ate my mask" note to the coach.

Regarding Emery pouting on the bench, coaches are always delivering that well-worn cliché about how they'd rather have a guy upset about not playing as opposed to someone who's happy about it.

And as far as adventures in driving are concerned, Emery isn't even in the same league as yours truly. Heck, a few days before getting hitched I ran a red light and totalled my car because of a nervous mind that was focused on walking down the aisle.

So, why are the rules different for Ray? ...

... there are lots of NHL'ers guilty of errors in judgement that had much more dire outcomes. Mark Bell, Todd Bertuzzi and Dany Heatley are just some of the players who have found themselves in various forms of hot water. However, they were all afforded a second chance in the blink of an eye and the last time I checked, none of them were receiving their mail in Moscow."

- Sportsnet

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Anonymous said...

Only a total moron would agree with the Toth race card excuse and throwing Heater, Big Bert and Bell in there is tatamount to having a brain cramp.
Where Emery has a pattern of being a screw up and bucking the rules, constantly late, rumours of drug use and constant parties. Altercations with seniors on the Queensway, and lord knows what we don't know all of the above mentioned players had a single situation. Heater had a vehicle accident, nothing before and nothing after exceptional player.
Bert had one brain cramp, before the Moore hit he was the ultimate power forward.
Bell got drunk, got in a accident and tried to run away on foot.
How the hell does one tie in those three incedents with an on going pattern of self centered ego driven displays in the media, in the bars, and on the roadways.
Drop the race card already, its old and no one with a brain would fall for it, just ask Iginla