Sunday, July 13, 2008

Redden's 8 Team Clause

Here's an interesting part of Wade Redden's new seven year contract with the New York Rangers as illuminated by the irascible Larry Brooks:

"It also seems Wade Redden needed a sweetener to take his $39M, seven-year deal. So the GM gave the defenseman the annual right to give management a list of eight teams to which he cannot be traded, and it will just be unfortunate if Atlanta should want him in a deal for Ilya Kovalchuk, won't it?


New York Post

So Redden will have a list of 8 teams he cannot be traded to?

That's a very unique clause in an NHL contract, but more interestingly, who do you think those 8 teams are?

Is Ottawa one of them? Was the separation that painful for Redden and his clan?


A new rule here on Black Aces is that whenever I quote Larry Brooks, I get to post one of my favourite videos of all time - the confrontation between Brooks and John "The Fonz" Tortorella. Listen closely for "Brooksie" telling Torts to "fuck off".

Expect a lot of Brooks quotes over the long, boring summer.

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Meaghan said...

I seem to remember reading that Ovechkin's new deal has a similar clause: he has a no trade, but he can provide the Caps with a list of teams he's willing to be traded to or something.