Sunday, September 14, 2008

SNES Sweater Flap

There is a minor uproar in the Sens blogging community and on message boards about the Senators upcoming third jersey which has yet to be released. The stakes were upped considerably by the Ottawa Sun's Chris Stevenson who based a story on an image that was created by a non-NHL affiliated website called

The only problem is that image was based on speculation stemming from a now infamous article by Howard Berger who claims to have seen the images of all the upcoming NHL third-jersey designs.

Got that?

Over at Icethetics, they are taking Stevenson to task for his article for, of all things, infringing upon the domain of the bloggers:

"Since when do legitimate news-gathering organizations quote blind sources on something this ineffectual? That's usually left to the likes of blogs — like Icethetics. I quote blind sources like it's my job, here."

- Icethetics

It does seem a little strange for a mainstream hockey reporter (and a very good one at that) to base an article on an image that is self-admittedly fan-made.

If this design actually looked cool, you'd probably see a more positive reaction but now the fans are up in arms because many of them believe the sweater is a letdown, especially compared to another fan-based design that has become popular in recent months (in fact there is a petition online).

One fan commented on the Icethetics site:

"That might be one of the worst jerseys ever.


Super Nintendo Entertainment System?"

Of course this minor controversy will be swept away once the Senators organization officially unveils their jerseys.

Because they can't look this bad in real life.

Could they?

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Haggis said...

Ask yourself this. Would the Senators organization allow themselves to be responsible for the worst playoff game introduction in NHL history? They did.

So could they allow a crap design to come to fruition? Yes. Although I am somewhat mollified that this Jersey is likely not going to ever see itself anywhere other than on the internet.