Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Black Aces Vintage - Alan Thicke Edition

Yes, this really happened.

Many of you have probably seen this already but it's worth showing again for those who might have missed this double masterpiece.

First up, Dionne and the Puck-Tones, which was a musical supergroup extravaganza consisting of the Kings famous Triple Crown Line of Charlie Simmer, future Kings GM Dave Taylor,  and of course, the short but multi-talented Marcel Dionne. And boy, can he dance. They called this hot number, "Forgive My Misconduct".

This came out as a 7-inch single in 1979 with the proceeds going towards the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

On the flip side was the even more popular "Hockey Sock Rock" with a bunch of Rangers, including current Blues Prez John Davidson (who actually plays a sax solo with a ketchup dispenser in the video), Dave Maloney (who's brother Don is now the Coyotes GM) and one of my favourite hockey players ever, Ron Duguay, who has a bit of a Peter Frampton vibe happening here. This Stones-esque group was called Phil Esposito and The Ranger Rockers.

All of this was brought to you by Alan Thicke, native of Kirkland Lake, Ontario (also home to Darren Puppa and many other NHL'ers like Hall of Famer Dick Duff). Thicke wrote and produced the two songs, and then went on to inflict the television saga known as Growing Pains on an unwary world.

Which, in a roundabout way, shows that no matter how tough a season the Senators are having so far, it will likely never get this bad.

But you never know.

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