Monday, October 4, 2010

Uni Talk

A very thorough and detailed rundown of all the NHL uniform changes this season can be found here at Paul Lukas' column on ESPN. Well worth the read if you're a uni-obsessive fan like myself.

The new Sabres third jersey is a winner (except for the "throwback" numbers on the back with the cross-stitching), and they did a great service to their fans by going back to the old logo for the main uniforms, but you have to wonder why they stuck with the dark navy blue on their regular sweaters instead of the classic royal blue. A missed opportunity, but the Sabres have never missed their chance to screw their uni's up in the past.

Maybe next year the light bulb will go off in the Senators office and they will realize the fans don't want a cartoon character as their logo, but a return to the classic logo and normal horizontal stripes on their jersey's.

But don't hold your breath.

Here's an NHL sweater I think is really underrated. Looks great on TV too.

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Ange said...

The worst has to be Phoenix's multi coloured, jankety looking coyote wearing a phantom of the opera mask.