Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sens Saturdays A Streak To Forget

Call it the Saturday Night Flu.

With their 4-0 shutout loss to the Bruins on Saturday night, the Ottawa Senators have now dropped their last 6 regular season Saturday night games going back to last season, including all 4 so far this campaign.

And that's not even the ugliest stat we can come up with in case you were wondering.

If you start digging back into their Saturday schedule going back to last year's schedule, the Senators have now lost 11 of their last 12 Saturday games.

11 of 12. Just let that sink in.

You want the details?


Sat. Oct. 30: Loss x-x to Bruins
Sat. Oct. 23: Loss 3-0 to Canadiens
Sat. Oct. 16: Loss 4-3 to Canadiens
Sat. Oct. 9: Loss 5-1 to Maple Leafs


Sat. Apr. 10: Loss 5-2 to Sabres
Sat. Apr. 3: Loss 4-1 to Islanders
Sat. Mar. 27: WIN 3-2 over Panthers
Sat. Mar. 20: Loss 5-4 to Stars
Sat. Mar. 13: Loss 5-1 to Canucks
Sat. Mar. 6: Loss 2-1 to Maple Leafs
Olympic Break: No Saturday games played between 13th of Feb. to 6th of Mar.
Sat. Feb. 13: Loss 4-1 to Red Wings
Sat. Feb. 6: Loss 5-0 to Maple Leafs

That's 11 of 12 folks. Beyond ugly.

This awful stretch has included 3 losses to the Leafs at a combined score of 12-2.

The news doesn't get any better. The next 3 Saturday games are against the Canadiens, the Bruins and the Leafs. All 3 teams have figured prominently in the current woeful streak.

What makes it even harder to take is that the majority of these games have been broadcast on Hockey Night In Canada, the kind of national stage that gives local fans the opportunity to see their beloved team show what they have to the rest of the country.

Unfortunately for Senators fans, all the rest of the country sees of this team on a regular basis is a Keystone Cops routine and the captain getting booed in his own building.

Oh brother.


Anonymous said...

The guys are not playing to their potential. The winning attitude that we had, a few years ago, seems to have disappeared.

It's time. It's time to cut the cord. Murray's had his shot. He'd make a great GM for an expansion team that needs to find a bunch of pluggers to play old time hockey and squeak its way into the playoffs.

It's 2010. We need a GM who can inspire a team to play the way that breeds success today. We don't have to search for the blueprint either. We were the blueprint in 2005-07.

I think that the Sens could excite us with a win streak, but then it would be followed by a losing streak. The team is what it is -- under Murray.

Remove him, and see what happens. It won't get worse, that's for sure.

Leeder could be the interim GM. It's not like he needs to make a bunch of deals. Search for a new guy who oozes success, who just wants to win and is not concerned about who acquired a particular player.

We need a change in atmosphere. I think that the guys would feel refreshed, instantly.

Blood Red Army said...

Don't worry, the rest of the country saw the Rangers dissolve all hope in Toronto.