Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Black Aces Guest Post

Black Aces has a guest post up at Senators Extra today. You can check it out here.

Also, be sure to drop in on the Prediction Panel run by James Gordon at the Citizen every game day. I'm running an 8-4 record which isn't bad, considering I ask my newborn son before making my picks. Usually he just stares at me blankly and then goes back to chewing on something valuable of mine (Hey, if Don Cherry could ask his dog Blue which goalie he should put in for the Bruins on any given night, I figure I can get away with it as well).

Tonight I'm taking the Senators over the Islanders, but so is everyone else on the panel. Who was the big talker who picked Spezza to get 3 points tonight? That would be me. But if it happens, heyyyy...


Anonymous said...

Jeremy it is a very nice piece.
Thanks for taking the time to write it. Kudos to the Citizen for publishing it.


Anonymous said...

I read the article. Nice job. I hope that you end up as a beat writer covering the Sens for one of the major publications; if that's what you want of course.

That said, I disagree with parts of the piece. I just think that the malaise that the team is going through was preventable. For that reason, as a fan, I want accountability.

We've heard all kinds of excuses. Not enough character, not enough depth, not enough balance, the cupboard is bare, the rink is too far, the scoreboard is outdated, people resent the salaries ... for me, this is all nonsense.

In the last four years, you cannot find five newspaper articles that point the finger at management. It's nuts. Every other Canadian market would be ripping the management to shreds.

Many years ago, I use to go to every Ottawa Rough Rider game. I loved it. I loved the atmosphere around Lansdowne on game day. They'd still lose a lot, but the overall experience was still worth it. Grab a hot dog, sit in the open air with friends, and watch the game on a nice summer night. Awesome.

Then the Glieberman's took over and the organization acted like a circus. It was a joke. Soon, I figured out that the joke was on me because I was still buying tickets. The management and players were still getting paid, and the money was coming out of my pocket.

The Sens should apologize. They screwed up. We had a young talented team that was the envy of the league in 2006-07. The NHL called us a model franchise.

The management screwed it up and should be held accountable. I'm not accepting this mediocrity. I expect better.

hambown said...

Hi Jeremy,

Excellent piece. You've done the spirit of your blog justice, and eloquently so. Bravo to you.