Monday, November 1, 2010

McGrattan Rips Neil From Safe Distance In AHL

As Ken Warren of the Citizen reports, ex-Sen and current Boston Bruin (in the minors) Brian McGrattan didn't like Chris Neil attacking Bruin defenseman Dennis Seidenberg near the end of the Sens lopsided loss to them on Saturday.

“That’s typical Chris Neil. I had to protect that guy for three years when I was there. He’d do that and I’d have to fight all his battles for him the next time we’d play a team after he’d do something stupid like that. It doesn’t surprise me.”

Lots of fun, this kind of stuff. But somewhat laughable to suggest Neil has ever ducked fights in his career, with 1,518 PIM's to his name.

What Neil did to Seidenberg was somewhat out of character, but in the end, Seidenberg wasn't hurt. Neil would have no problem going against the likes of Shawn Thornton or Milan Lucic at any time (as the bloody video below will attest). Neil understands that when you lose, make sure it's ugly and you get a little something to carry away.

As for McGrattan, it's great to hear he's signed with the Bruins and he was a top-notch enforcer while he was in Ottawa, and a very likable guy, but he'll never have half the career that the much smaller Neil has had, and that says something about toughness, both mental and physical.


Anonymous said...

Neil has been picking his spots the last few years, deferring to Carkner to do the heavy lifting.

I'd love to see Neil fight Orr or others, but I'm resigned that it won't happen. Like many on this team, he's gotten comfortable and his job his safe so he hasn't played with the same edge as prior to 2007.

Here's to hoping he ups the intensity against the Leafs.


Anonymous said...

Neil doesn't need to be an agitator as much anymore as Ruutu is the new agitator. Neil spends his time shutting people down, delivering hits, and on occasion scoring goals. Neil fights more to spark the team or in some occasion,or to just ruin someone. He is learning to play smart, not just with his fists. As long as him, Kelly and Ruutu continue to be a consistant 3rd line he will be a Senator :D Its great to see him mess people up though. Good job Chris! Carkner is big and can fight, but he isn't that good at it. I would love to see Neil take on Orr. Would be better then the Carkner/Orr fights.