Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cameron Slips Into Black Hole

One question: What the hell is going on with the Dave Cameron story? He felt it was okay to scoop his (alleged) new employer by announcing his own hiring at a banquet of all places, then nothing but silence from both sides for days. Are the Senators pissed off about it and having second thoughts? Are they grinding him down in contract negotiations? Or have they figured that because Cameron was nice enough to announce it himself, no official notice from the team is needed?

Like I said, there's a stench coming off this thing thicker than the fog at a King Diamond concert.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that they will probably announce all the new assistants at the same time. After all, signing on new assistants usually doesn't make big news.

Andy said...

It's official:

Cameron and Reeds are the assistants. Richardson and Wamsley stay on as well.