Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rough Hangover In Vancouver

Do you get the feeling a riot would have broken out even if the Vancouver Canucks had won the Stanley Cup? You bet it would have.

Losing Game 7 probably fast-tracked the whole thing, but there would have been cars burning even if the bi-polar West Coast city had a reason to celebrate. Maybe it would have been worse, who knows?

According to the Sun, CNN is now calling Vancouver "Loser City", which is the kind of vicious headline we're used to seeing from Fox News, not CNN. Nasty business.

You just knew it was going to be a tough night for the Canucks when CBC reporter Scott Oake interviewed Henrik Sedin during the warm-ups and told the nervous looking Swede that the "only acceptable outcome to millions of Canadians" would be to win Game 7. What kind of a thing is that to say to someone who is about to play the biggest game of his life?

Now, I'm not saying I'm one of them, but you just know a lot of people are enjoying Vancouver's come-uppance after Roberto Luongo's public dissing of Tim Thomas, Henrik's lame Messier-style prediction, and the general cockiness of that team exhibited by players like Maxim Lapierre.

Then the city tears itself apart for the world to see.

I'm thinking the right team won the Stanley Cup last night.


boobs said...

yeah, I dislike Vancouver (the city) a little more... it's too bad, such a beautiful city inhabited by people that just don't get it...

but wait, I like Lapierre... he plays that perfect "on the edge" style, not dissimilar from where I see Marchand heading. Well, ok Lapierre maybe embellished a wee bit too much, but whatevs...

Anonymous said...

"What kind of a thing is that to say to someone who is about to play the biggest game of his life?"

It's fair?
I hear the same thing from Bryan Murray"
"These guys (the old core) will be seen sas underachievers until they win the Cup and it's not fair."

Of course it's fair. You train, you live, you play for the chance to win that Stanley Cup. The Canucks were viewed as prohibitive favourties by many news agencies and sports tickers. Quite frankly, if Sedinx2 can't handle the pressure of big games and can't take that pressure and let it make them into winners and dominant forces, maybe they should be playing in the KHL or SEL...

Winning is all that matters and winning on the biggest stage of all (NHL cup finals) matters most of all.

Once the Sedins "get it", they'll play nastier, with an edge and to win at all costs. Until then, they'll be losers.