Thursday, June 2, 2011

"What Did You Say?"

Just one more reason Mark Messier is my favourite hockey player of all time ...

From Elliotte Friedman via Glenn Healey:

Had the note last week about teams not hitting Milan Lucic so he doesn't get angry. Glenn Healy was saying teams used to do that with Mark Messier. They totally avoided him, hoping it was one of the nights he didn't feel like killing anyone. "One night, he was off to a slow start, but the other coach taunted him from the bench," Healy said. "(Messier) stopped in the middle of play, looked at him and said, 'What did you say?' Meanwhile, we're playing four-on-five while he's staring down the guy. I think we won 8-2."


Anshu said...

Milan Lucic is no Mark Messier.

Anonymous said...

We need Mark Messier. We need a someone who can kill the BS surrounding the Sens with just his presence.

I'm not sure if others are feeling the same, but the awesome Canucks run has me pumped about them, but also pretty depressed to be a Sens fan. We suck, plain and simple.

Our management sucks, our owner is delusional, and our rumoured coaching candidates inspire zero confidence for the future.

I mean Paul Mclean, seriously?

So we fire Greg Carvel, who was previously an assistant coach under Murray in Anaheim. And, now we are thinking about hiring Murray's other assistant coach in Anaheim as head coach.

Is it too much to ask to maybe try something completely different? Like maybe someone who has no ties to the owner or the GM. Someone who can bring fresh eyes and challenge the prevailing thinking in the organization.

Craig Hartsburg was with Anaheim, so was Carvel, and so is Mclean.

The only coach that seems to be a breath of fresh air is Kirk Muller. He does not seem to have any ties to anyone.

My thinking is that he's a former #2 overall pick, so that means he'll be able to relate to our top talent. He's been a captain. He played in a high pressure market like Montreal, so he understands the media bubble. He's got his Cup.

But, he was also a third and fourth liner late in his career, so he can probably connect with the role players as well. And, the big thing is that he's bounced around so many organizations that he probably has a large enough hockey network that he won't be intimidated by Murray. I'm guessing that he'd be his own man.

Short of that, Messier would be a welcome addition, if only to inject the personality of someone who hates losing. We need that badly.

PvR said...

The blog post is about the character of Mark Messier and what that brought to the table.

And we get a long doom and negativity-filled comment that was tl;dr.