Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gotta Be Landeskog

Quick pick: I'm guessing Nick Foligno is the guy the Senators will be dangling to the Florida Panthers (along with their 6th overall pick) to move up and grab Gabriel Landeskog 3rd overall at the draft (as I mentioned in a previous post). You could probably throw in a prospect like Patrick Wiercioch as well.

To me, Landeskog is worth making a big move for. The guy is a future captain, and he wants to play here. Not getting him will be a disappointment, although there are some pretty good consolation prizes in Jonathan Huberdeau and Ryan Strome.

While I'm making half-assed predictions, I'll take the easy money and go with Paul Maclean as the next coach of the Senators. The connections run too deep and anytime you can add a quality individual from the Red Wings, the best run organization in the league for years, you take the opportunity.

Now, back to my cave....


Anonymous said...

If we're going to give up that kind of a bounty to move up three spots, which is way too much in my opinion, then I hope we nab Huberdeau.

I like Landeskog also, but I'm sold on Huberdeau's clutch performances. They very Toews-like.

The good news is that Landeskog seems to fallen on a lot of those draft rankings. Not sure if that is relevant or not. But, maybe it means that we will get him at six anyway.

As for the school of Detroit, I'm not sure it means much. Dave Lewis had limited success as a head coach. Makes you wonder if Detroit makes coaches good rather than the coaches making Detroit good.

Congrats to the B-Sens and Lehner!

hambown said...

Historically, to move up into the top 3 would require a good return. I recall seeing a post (can't find it now, dang) where basically to move up 2-3 spots in the first round requires at least a high second round pick included. To move up into the top 3, would probably require a first rounder better than 21 as well as a really good second round pick (say 35).

The Landeskog falling to us at 6 is something I'd like to see, but won't count on. I'd rather see Murray pull something off board, like trading the Nashville 21 pick and the 35 pick for a pick around 15. Or, the Hawks 2nd round pick and Peter Regin for a solid top 6 forward prospect, or the rights to RFA Kyle Turris. Come on Murray, show some guile!