Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Black Aces Hockey Pool - 6 Spots Open

Yo. I'm looking for 6 more people to be part of the Black Aces league this year. It's a Yahoo rotisserie-style pool with a 10 team max. Live draft is Tuesday September 27th at 8 PM. I really want folks who won't drop out halfway and not start their players which was a bit of a problem last year. So I figure I would open up a few spots to some of my readers.

The categories are Goals, Assists, PP Points, SH Points, PIMs, Wins, SP% and Shutouts. No money league.

I ran a league for the first time last year and it was a lot of fun but all I ask is that you commit to the whole season, even if you're "sucking dirty pond water" at the bottom of the standings. The SH points and the PIMs category are great ways to move up the ranks if you can't score goals.

Basically, the first six people who send me an email at will get an invite to the live draft (it would help if you were familiar with the live draft process - if not it's easy to learn). If I get a ton of requests I may expand the league to 12 teams. I will try to send out the invites by Friday night. If I don't get back to you it's just because the slots filled up. Don't be sore.

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