Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just An Idea

Love the idea of changing the power-play rules which currently allows short-handed teams to ice the puck without a stoppage in play, but I totally understand concerns that blowing the whistle for a face-off every time this happens could really slow things down.
Just to throw something out of left field that I think no one has mentioned yet:
What about adding 20 seconds to the power-play every time the short-handed team ices the puck, but instead of blowing the whistle, the power-play team goes back to retrieve the puck, but that 20 seconds is automatically added to the power-play on the score clock as soon as the referee indicates it has crossed the line? Now, I have no idea if that is technically possible to do on the score clock, but what it would do is penalize the short-handed team while still keeping the play alive.
If a team insists on icing the puck while short-handed, a two minute minor could carry on for four minutes which would inevitably lead to a goal in a lot of cases. Presto. More goals, the flow of the game is maintained and short-handed teams are no longer allowed to ice the puck which has stuck in the craw of many observers for decades.
Call me Gary.


Anonymous said...

I like it.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think that powerplays are just fine the way they are. As a fan rooting for the penalty killing team, I love the "get the puck out at all costs any way you can" mentality that the players and fans both share. The offending team having to skate all the way back drives up the tension in the building every time.
Nice idea on paper(although personally i dont think anything needs to be done) but people would have many issues with it.

-in 4v4 overtime 20 seconds is a dramatic advantage.
-this is almost as bad as flipping the puck over the glass. When your team is on the hook in the playoffs for such a chintzy penalty, you will not be happy. garaunteed that the players/coaches would hate it.
-more powerplay does not equal more flow it means less flow in the game as a whole