Monday, August 8, 2011

Hockey Hair Heaven

Every year when I get the new NHL Official Guide and Record Book, one of the first sections I turn to is the back of the huge tome where they have the index of retired players. The reason? Hockey hair heaven.

On every page of the index are a handful of old black and white player photos that were obviously picked by someone with an eye for classic hockey hair and in particular, 1970's era sideburns, moustaches and portraint shots where the player is just downright drunk, or at least heavily hungover, which was probably common in those years (see Vic Teal and Mike Amodeo below).

With the new guide coming out sometime in the early fall, my battered and well-read 2010-2011 version is soon to be put to pasture. But I've always wanted to do a post on these amazing old-school portraits and I finally got out the scissors and cut out a few strong highlights from this year's book (not as strong as years past but there are still a handful of classics). Among the notable names here are recent Cup winning Bruins coach Claude Julien with a wicked middle-part, Hawks coach Joel Quennville who looks exactly the same as he does now, Scot Kleinendorst, the older brother of Bingo Sens coach Kurt K., Oilers GM Steve Tambellini with a perfect feather and stache combo, as well as legendary Senators player Frank Finnigan with an even more legendary side-part and wave. My favourite though has to be ex-Wings goalie Vincent Riendeau with a haircut that looks like it was moulded in a sheet metal factory. Here they are, in all their faded black and white glory (click on images for bigger viewing size).


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