Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brushing Up On History.... Sens Fans Finally Get The Gear They Want

As the Senators get ready to reveal a retro "Heritage Jersey" on Thursday, it reminded me that I've been hoarding a few interesting photos that a friend working for the Canadian Archives shared with me. Not many people actually take the time to check out the vast amount of photos and memorabilia collected in the Archives but here are a few Ottawa hockey related items that you don't see very often.

The Rideau Hall Rebels (Vice Regal Parliamentary Hockey Club) circa 1890 posing in a photographer's studio (the same room another picture featured on their Wiki page here was taken four years later). Note the tiger rug on the floor. This is the team Lord Stanley watched his sons play for and which gave him the idea for the Stanley Cup. Not too shabby.

The Glebe Collegiate hockey team circa 1938. I graduated from the same school 58 years later. Not...too....shabby.

Frank Finnigan hockey card (front and back) circa (1933-1934?) I don't have the exact date of this card but the Senators moved to St. Louis in 34 and the back of the card mentions the 32 season when he was on loan to the Toronto Maple Leafs. So that puts this card in a two year window right around 33 or 34. For the first time since then, the Senators will be donning their historical "O" symbol. #Nottooshabby.

The following two examples are not from the Archives, as far as I know, but I found these on the web a while back and can't remember where. Anyways, in the spirit of the thing, here's a couple more vintage Senators cards with the old sweaters. A little shabby.

And if you really want to go back.... we can't do without a Brad Marsh hockey card thrown into the mix.

The great thing about the Senators introducing a Heritage jersey with the "O" logo is that on some nights, they can skate onto the ice in a sweater they can be proud of and that properly reflects the rich history of hockey in the capital city. Here's an easy prediction: It won't be long before they make the "O" logo and the barber pole jersey's a matching home and road combo with their current red sweater becoming their "alternate" jersey. It will all come down to money. If the new sweater sells like it should, the team will keep going with it, just like they did in Edmonton and Buffalo with their own nostalgic sweaters. There's a lot of young fans in this city but there are even more adult fans who don't want to walk around sporting a cartoonish logo on their caps and shirts. They want traditional gear that can match up with the Habs and the Leafs and the rest of the original six. Remember when they came out with those black, red and white barber pole scarfs a few years ago and how they couldn't keep them on the shelves? Everywhere you go in Ottawa you see people wearing the "O" logo on their ballcaps. It's a no-brainer for the organization to finally go with what the fans have been wanting for years, but it's also surprising that it took them so long to figure it out.


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Anonymous said...

I like the 'O' logo as a heritage jersey, but to me the real logo for this franchise should be the crest that Brad Marsh has on his jersey, in the photo above.

That's the crest that we entered the league with, and other than money, I can't figure out why they changed it.

But, I'm good with the 'O'. Now get the jerseys right. Right now, they're all horrible.

Anonymous said...

As long as it's an "o" and not a "0".

The teasing will be crazy intense with the "0" how many Cups do you have in modern history, the Ottawa Zeroes, etc. etc. etc.

I do agree that the old look jerseys need to come back, I haven't bought a jersey or wanted to buy any of the 3-d ones.

Anonymous said...


"but it's also surprising that it took them so long to figure it out."

No, it really, really isn't.

How long has it taken for a new scoreboard, or to improve parking, or to get a new on-ramp, or to get rid of the thousand pricing points...this organization is very, very, very slow to adapt and change.

Anonymous said...

Also ....

... how long has it taken to fire Bryan Murray.