Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Burke May Be In Leaf Land This Summer After All

Ken Campbell of the Hockey News tells us that Brian Burke may be trying to force his way out of Anaheim despite public denials on all sides.

"Every executive I’ve spoken to over the past month says they’re convinced the Anaheim Ducks will at some point this summer free Burke from his obligations and allow him to join the Leafs.

“He’ll be there,” is a common refrain, “and he’ll be there this summer.” ....

Burke still hasn’t signed his contract extension and apparently has no intention of doing so. "

- The Hockey News

It's also interesting to note from an Ottawa perspective that the fiasco over Peter Chiarelli leaving the Senators to take over the Bruins GM position a few years ago has some bearing on this situation with Burke.

"It was Bettman who, three years ago, quashed the notion of compensation for hiring people under contract when Peter Chiarelli went from the front office of the Ottawa Senators to become GM of the Bruins. Suffice it to say it was something of an ugly affair and Bettman ruled then that compensation would no longer be forthcoming to teams that allowed their executives to speak to, or be hired by, other teams."

- The Hockey News

Meanwhile the Dave Nonis rumours continue unabated in Toronto. Nobody seems to know what the hell is going on anymore.

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