Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ten Year Shutout Streak And The Roberts Cheap Shot

After last night's shutout of Crosby and company, Chris Osgood is now 6-0 in Stanley Cup Final games in his career. That includes the four game sweep of the Washington Capitals in 1998.


It was a little embarrassing seeing Gary Roberts punching Johan Franzen in the head when the game was already out of hand. Franzen of course is recovering from a concussion. Gene Collier of the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette called it a "chicken-scat...cheap shot" and it's hard to disagree.
More and more, this is looking like one of those classic "learning years" for the Penguins, similar to what Edmonton had to endure when they got blown out by the Islanders in the 1983 Cup final. People are pointing fingers at Evgeni Malkin but it's hard to blame a kid who has never played this long in the season before and may not realize the intensity needed to finish things off. He'll be better the next time around.
And has anyone noticed the eerie resemblance of this Penguin team to last year's Ottawa Senators who had a long layoff before facing the cruising Ducks in the final? It's like deja-vu all over again.

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Adam said...

Yeah, couldn't believe the shot that Roberts took at Franzen (Later, Talbot also seemed to take a crack at Franzen). What the heck was he thinking? Bush-league.