Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rumour: Lighting Sold - Melrose In - Torts To Ottawa?

Considering the source, this is not exactly rock solid as of now, but there is talk that the sale of the Tampa Bay Lightning is going through post-haste and that Barry Melrose is indeed being brought in to coach the Lightning (allegedly).

That of course means John Tortorella will be looking for a coaching job and Ottawa GM Bryan Murray might be the first in line to give him an interview.

If Torts is hired (or Craig Hartsburg, or Pat Burns), it will have a lot to do with the sentiment out there that Murray wants a ball-breaker to come into that Ottawa locker room and flip a few tables and instill discipline on and off the ice.

But here's the strange thing: If Ray Emery was the main cause of a "rift" in the locker room and the unravelling of the team (allegedly), and Murray has already stated that he is going to either trade him or buy him out, then why does he feel the need to bring in a sheriff?

Wouldn't that route be more effective if the "troublemaker" was still on the team? If Murray gets rid of the "rotten apples", do Alfie and company need (or deserve) a screamer to take them over the top?

Is there any validity to the argument that Murray might change his mind and keep Emery in an effort to rehabilitate him with a stern coach like Tortorella?

Doubtful, but stranger things have happened.

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